Newport, NH Property Maps & Assessing Records

Assessing Records Online
  1. Then select "Newport" from the list of Towns
  2. Now you are able to view the town records by PID (Map and Lot #), Address or by Owner Name.
    1. Tip: Click on "Searches" to do a search by Property ID, Address, or Owner
    2. Tip: If you know where a property is located on a map and are having trouble finding it with the search, visit the Property Maps page here and find the specific Map ID and Property ID.  Now go back to the property listing in Avitar click on the Map ID, then on the Property ID on the indented list.
  3. TIP: You can also use the information provided by Avitar Associates to lookup the property Deed at Sullivan County Deeds Online

View Property Maps

  • Click on the Index map below to zoom in and determine what the map number is for your location.  Then Click on the Map number link below to see a detailed map with lot numbers on it.
  Town of Newport    15 Sunapee St    Newport, NH 03773  
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