Airport Information

Traffic Pattern

Right traffic runways 18 and 12.  Traffic Pattern Altitude 1784' (1000' agl).


Airport / Facility Directory

The FAA - National Aeronautical Navigation Services (AeroNav) publishes the Airport / Facility Directory (A/FD, the "green book") every 56 days.  This is the offical source for aeronautical information at Parlin Field.  Downloads are FREE from the AeroNav website.


Airport Information Page

Location diagram for services and on-field tenants and noise abatement information.  This is unofficial information compiled from various sources.  The Airport Information Page is sized and formatted to fit on your knee-board or Jeppesen-style binder.  Print on 5.5 x 8.5 paper (one-half a standard 8.5 x 11 page).  


Noise Abatement Procedure in Effect

Avoid noise sensitive area 3000 feet northwest of the airport.  Departing runway 36, fly runway heading to 2000 MSL at least 1 nm beyond the end of the runway before turning left (see air photo map).  Right turns preferred for eastbound and southbound departures.


Callum Community Hangar

The community hangar is currently full.  Contact the airport manager to verify availability or place your name on the waiting list. See Callum Community Hangar Information for terms and conditions.



Several tie-downs are available, see tie-down information for terms and conditions.


On-field Camping

Available for pilots who fly into Parlin Field, see camping information for details.

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