Newport, NH: Fire & EMS

Wayne Conroy: Fire Chief, Health and Building

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  • Newport Fire-EMS would like to announce the arrival of the new ambulance.
  • Newport Fire-EMS has created a new department web page!

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FIRE Division

Deputy Chief/EMT Chris Marcotte (Call)*
Captain/EMT David McCrillis (Call)*

Lt./EMT-I Corey Conroy (Career)*

FF/EMT-I Don-Joe Attenhofer (Career)* 

FF/EMT Zach Lobdell (Career)*

Lt. Steven Haselton (Call)

FF James Hoadley (Call)

FF Chris Conroy (Call) 

FF Joseph Moulton Jr. (Call) 

FF Arthur James Nestor Smith (Call) 

FF Joshua Boone (Call) 

FF Zachary White (Call) 

FF Bryan Brunt (Call) 

FF Bryan Earshaw (Call)

FF Shawn Martin (Call)

 Lt./AEMT Dustin Holmes (Career)* 

 FF/AEMT Copeland Miller (Career)*

 Lt. John Early (Call)

 FF/AEMT Chris Smith (Call)*

 FF/EMT Jason Rook (Call)*

 FF Sarah Godkin (Call)

 FF Eric Benson (Call)

 FF/EMT Benjamin Weinhold (Call)*

 FF/EMT Ryan Palmer (Call)*

 FF Joe Morin (Call)

 FF/EMT Jake Clarke (Call)*

 FF Tyler Nelson (Call)

 FF/EMT April Premo (Call)*

*Cross-Trained Personnel on Both Divisions

EMS Division

Captain/Paramedic Kenneth Carleton (Career)*

EMT-I Keith Gregory 

AEMT David Keaveny 

EMT Vicki Hayward 

EMT Michelle Upham 

EMT Sarah Zackowski 

EMT Ramon Greene 

EMT Katie Marsh 

AEMT Colleen O'Hurley 

AEMT Matt DeJackome 

EMT-I Gary Nichols

EMT-I John Wilcox

Paramedic Julie Delaney

EMT Michael Dixon

Paramedic Jon Hackett

AEMT Duncan Phillips*

EMT Michael Alther

EMT Robert Hoffman

AEMT William Hardy Jr.*


*Certified Firefighters


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Photos by: Heather Hardy
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